Blog: Supply Chain Meltdown

More than 60 containerships sat in San Pedro Bay on Feb. 18, at the entrance to the sprawling ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. The vessels are waiting for a slot to sail into those facilities to begin unloading their cargo. The scarcity of truck drivers combined with fewer Dockside workers is cause for gridlock. 

March 2020, we were ill-prepared when nearly everything ground to a halt, production, travel, transportation, and nearly everyone stayed home. 

The process to re-start the wheels of progress has been difficult. That time away from our daily work created a vacuum that has led to shortages of all kinds. Parts for cars, supplies for manufacturing, the list goes on, and the recovery seems slow. 

Our industry also feels the strains of supply chain anxiety; growers who could not get staff to work fell behind in production, neglected plants need time to recover. The unknown of how long this would last lead to some not replanting crops until recently and those flowers won't be available for a few weeks.

Glass vases, paint, wire have also been in short supply, our vendors sending apologies instead of products.

I imagine that later this summer when most of us are inoculated that we will begin to return to what might be considered normal, at least a normal we can live with, and supply will again meet and exceed the demand.

Scott Isensee

Danziger Introducing New Roses

Danziger Introducing New Roses

Danziger Introducing New Roses

SENTI Light Peach is one of the new SENTI (feel and experience) roses being introduced to growers this month.  Danziger’s new series includes SENTI Dark Red, SENTI Dark Pink, SENTI Yellow, in addition to Light Peach.  See more on the Danzinger SENTI rose launch!


Blog: What the FAQ?

What the FAQ?

It’s August and Coronavirus (Covid-19) is still prolific.
It’s August and racial inequality is still prolific.
It’s August and homelessness is still prolific.
Can we skip September and October, go directly to November?
We all have more questions than we have answers. But I do have a few answers that I didn’t have last
March. My Frank Adams family is going to be ok. What an amazing group of people who work together
to support the mission even during a time of crisis. They have wide shoulders and giant air-hugs that are
given freely to anyone in need. They’ve learned to survive!
Fortunately, Coronavirus has not knocked on our door. We have taken every possible precaution to
protect ourselves and our customers, our friends and families. Something I wasn’t sure we were going
to able to do last March. Yet, here we are! We’ve learned how!
Life has changed forever and we must adjust accordingly. Distance learning, working from home,
staycations, social distancing were all relatively vague concepts last March, I’ve even learned how to
As for the unanswered questions, don’t stop asking them! The answers will make their way to the
surface if we are patient and we listen for them. Until then, ask yourself this question: How can I do
better, be better? And then most importantly, we need to listen for the answer and learn.
Scott Isensee
General Manager

Is Coral the New Wedding Trend Color

Is Coral the New Wedding Trend Color

Is Coral the New Wedding Trend Color

Editors at shared their trends for 2021 weddings and highlighted living coral crossing into 2021 weddings!  Other colors they identified as trending include, mustard yellow, deep pinks, lilacs, peaches and pinks.  See the wedding trends 2021.

Blog: July 2020

July 2020
The last few months have been nothing short of surreal, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world as we know it. I found myself recently turning off the news, I just couldn’t take it anymore, I could feel my blood pressure rising.

I was surfing the internet when I came across an article titled “The Antidote to Outrage” by Ann Latham and I thought that’s what I need, an antidote.

I thought I would share it with you.

The Antidote To Outrage
"We are outraged.

"We are outraged when we see someone without a mask. Outraged when asked to wear a mask. Outraged with every headline. Outraged by every social media comment. Outraged before breakfast. After lunch. During dinner. In our dreams. It's an epidemic.  And I'm convinced our outrage is more destructive than the novel coronavirus." (Read more on Forbes ...)

Obviously, I was thinking about pandemic outrage. Boy, what a difference a day can make!

Now outrage is spreading across the country in the form of violence, fires, and looting.  There is outrage about the death of George Floyd. Outrage about protesters. Outrage about police treatment of protesters. Outrage about Trump’s tweets. And outrage about instigators. While the stakes seem higher than ever, my “Antidote” advice is unchanged.

Start with the facts:

  • George Floyd died while an officer kneeled on his neck for nine minutes.
  • George Floyd joins a long history of black men and women who have died at the hands of the police in far greater numbers than white people and who have done nothing to bring on that harassment and violence other than being black.
  • People are mad. They believe things must change. For real this time, because this has been going on too long.
  • The protests began peacefully in Minneapolis and have spread across the country and overseas.
  • Most of the protesters have been peaceful, showing solidarity with George Floyd and demanding an end to police brutality.
  • Some of the protesters have become violent as their anger has apparently burst its seams.
  • Instigators seem to have joined the protests to incite and maximize the violence, looting, fires, and destruction.
  • Many ordinary citizens have turned out in the mornings to help clean up and support the small business owners whose property has been damaged or destroyed.
  • Our President's response has been tweets. Tweets which most people would agree have encouraged violence and shown no sympathy for George Floyd or the claims of racial injustice.
  • Some police forces have come dressed to fight and appear quick to do so.  Others have come without shields and have marched and kneeled alongside protesters.
  • Some people say the instigators are left wing and others say they are right wing.  Few believe they care about George Floyd. Most believe their motivation is to destabilize our country and increase our divisions.
  • Minneapolis reacted quickly in firing the four police officers involved, but waited several days before arresting and charging one with murder. The other three, who were seen in videos doing nothing to help George when he repeatedly said he could not breathe, have not been arrested. Many people think this shows bad faith and a lack of understanding of the problem by the Minneapolis police department.

Are you questioning my objectivity and facts? If so, good for you. You should. Try writing the facts yourself. It is very difficult to do if you hold any opinions about the behavior of anyone involved.

More important, if you question my facts, are you driven to dig deeper and get better information? Or do you simply broadcast your own contrary conclusions and extend your outrage to include me?

We don't know who is really responsible for the violence. How could we? Not yet, anyway. We don't know the motivation of instigators. We don't know how many heartfelt protesters remained peaceful and how many turned violent. We don't even know for sure if there is any good reason why that cop kept his knee on George's neck for nine minutes until he died.

The ability to remain calm and dig to find the facts, before you start to react, before you spread false fuel for outrage on social media, before you rage among friends and colleagues, and even before you draw conclusions about an employee, is a skill worth practicing. It will make you a better leader, a better supervisor, a better citizen, a better parent, a healthier person, and a better person.

Ann Latham

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