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Blog: What the FAQ?

What the FAQ?

It’s August and Coronavirus (Covid-19) is still prolific.
It’s August and racial inequality is still prolific.
It’s August and homelessness is still prolific.
Can we skip September and October, go directly to November?
We all have more questions than we have answers. But I do have a few answers that I didn’t have last
March. My Frank Adams family is going to be ok. What an amazing group of people who work together
to support the mission even during a time of crisis. They have wide shoulders and giant air-hugs that are
given freely to anyone in need. They’ve learned to survive!
Fortunately, Coronavirus has not knocked on our door. We have taken every possible precaution to
protect ourselves and our customers, our friends and families. Something I wasn’t sure we were going
to able to do last March. Yet, here we are! We’ve learned how!
Life has changed forever and we must adjust accordingly. Distance learning, working from home,
staycations, social distancing were all relatively vague concepts last March, I’ve even learned how to
As for the unanswered questions, don’t stop asking them! The answers will make their way to the
surface if we are patient and we listen for them. Until then, ask yourself this question: How can I do
better, be better? And then most importantly, we need to listen for the answer and learn.
Scott Isensee
General Manager