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Blog: Five Flower Trends you Must Know!

Remind Customers of the Power of Flowers

Five Flower Trends you Must Know!

Knowing what your customers value is smart business.  Check out the  five flower trends that have gained traction with today’s consumers acording to Rio Roses!  From Bright Barbiecore themed arrangements to flower pressing kits, consumers are loving flowers in new ways.  Stay on top of the latest trends, you’ll become the flower expert your customers depend on.  See the Rio Rose article, Color, Style, Impact: 5 of the Most Influential Flower Trends for 2023.

RioRose022023Going Green

Blog: That Flower Feeling

That Flower Feeling

We all need a mental and emotional boost from time to time. Life skills have evolved as we find new ways to celebrate our love of family and friends. We also, have found new ways to find our own sanctuary and sanity. The importance of our well-being is more forefront in our lives and in the lives of the ones we love. The positive power of flowers and plants on our emotional well-being has made flowers the perfect elixir for boosting our happiness. Flowers, truly are, self care made easy.

Self care has become more important to each of us. Searching for a meaningful balance of what is good for us with all the demands of family and work can be challenging. Treating oneself, or the ones we love, to flowers is self care made easy! Flowers promote physical and emotional well-being, brighten our homes, express our feelings, impact our relationships and creates a sense of sanctuary in our minds.

That Flower Feeling, is the new brand created by CalFlowers, a flower industry trade association, to encourage more Americans to enjoy flowers at home more often. That Flower Feeling just launched its first national campaign-Flowers. Self Care Made Easy. The campaign is an entertaining and amusing example of how impactful and yet simple, flowers are, at lifting the human spirit.

The campaign uses social media to share the story of how flowers are the sure-fire way to improve your mental and emotional health.

CalFlowers and its Board of Directors are to be commended for making the assets of the campaign available to all of us to use. Help amplify the message of the benefits of having flowers in our lives, visit and become a Partner to access video, images, banners and point of sale materials to share with your audience! And remember to use the hashtag #ThatFlowerFeeling.

Blog: Restorative Greens for 2022

Restorative Greens for 2022

Restorative Greens for 2022

Shades of green are dominating color trend predictions for 2022!  Flower.Style shared the many color-forward companies selecting a green to trend for emerging colors in 2022.  Major paint companies, Sherwin-Williams, Behr and Benjamin Moore all selected varying shades of neutral greens to lead the way.  A reflection of our need for regrowth and resiliency, greens are rich, uplifting and full of wellness.