Blog: Timeless Antique Blush Palette

Antique Blush Palette is Timeless

Antique Blush Palette is Timeless

When a floral designer gets married, it sure can be show-stopping.  Sarah Wahhab from Mulberry and Moss had just that wedding using a classic color combination of blush pink, white and beige!  The California wedding was spectacular and the flowers outstanding!   But the bride was still the star of the show!  See Sarah's wedding in this Style Me Pretty pictorial!


Blog: Remind Customers of the Power of Flowers

Remind Customers of the Power of Flowers

Remind Customers of the Power of Flowers

Consumers have never benefited more from the emotional well-being connected to having flowers in their lives than right now!  Now is the time to deepen customers’ emotional relationship with flowers.  Flowers have the power to bring happiness and security into people’s lives, we just need to remind them of all the emotional benefits of having flowers in their lives. shares 10 Ways to Create Emotional Benefits With Flowers

Blog: Sunset Glory

Sunset Glory Shines

Sunset Glory Shines

With impressive bloom size and a brilliant copper-orange color, Sunset Glory from Rosen Tantau can make any design stand out.  Find all the roses you love by searching by color online at the IFD Flower Search

Blog: Chrysanthemum Romance

Chrysanthemum  Romance

Chrysanthemum Romance

Who said mums aren’t romantic!  New Stresa Salmon from Deliflor has the antique salmon shade that blends in the popular antique color palettes.  Currently only available in Holland, Stresa Salmon is a beautiful pastel shade in a dark-centered anemone style chrysanthemum variety! See more about Deliflor's Stresa Salmon.

Blog: Supply Chain Meltdown

More than 60 containerships sat in San Pedro Bay on Feb. 18, at the entrance to the sprawling ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. The vessels are waiting for a slot to sail into those facilities to begin unloading their cargo. The scarcity of truck drivers combined with fewer Dockside workers is cause for gridlock. 

March 2020, we were ill-prepared when nearly everything ground to a halt, production, travel, transportation, and nearly everyone stayed home. 

The process to re-start the wheels of progress has been difficult. That time away from our daily work created a vacuum that has led to shortages of all kinds. Parts for cars, supplies for manufacturing, the list goes on, and the recovery seems slow. 

Our industry also feels the strains of supply chain anxiety; growers who could not get staff to work fell behind in production, neglected plants need time to recover. The unknown of how long this would last lead to some not replanting crops until recently and those flowers won't be available for a few weeks.

Glass vases, paint, wire have also been in short supply, our vendors sending apologies instead of products.

I imagine that later this summer when most of us are inoculated that we will begin to return to what might be considered normal, at least a normal we can live with, and supply will again meet and exceed the demand.

Scott Isensee

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