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Want to grow, learn and increase sales? Join SAF

Want to grow, learn and increase sales? Join SAF.

The Society of American Florists is the national trade association representing all segments of the floral industry. We are SAF members, and as your trusted wholesaler, we think it’s important you join SAF, too. 

But don’t just take our word for it — watch this video to hear firsthand from florist Shirley Lyons, AAF, PFCI, in Eugene, Oregon:

Shirley Lyons Wholesaler Video from SAFVISION on Vimeo.

Like Shirley says, go to and check out all of the business resources you’d have at your fingertips: web and social media graphics, pricing guidelines, HR advice, Floral Management magazine and so much more.

And be sure to see what SAF does for nationwide promotion of flowers and plants: the now-famous Petal It Forward campaign, our work to stamp out negative publicity (most famously turning the Vermont Teddy Bear Company around), and advocate for the floral industry on Capitol Hill.

Become part of SAF’s vibrant floral community: Join SAF today!