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Frank Adams Acting Together For The Planet

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At Frank Adams Wholesale, we recognize our responsibility to work towards a sustainable future. Our mission is to minimize our environmental impact. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, conserving natural resources, and integrating sustainable practices into all facets of our business. Our goal is to set an example for our industry and inspire positive change in our employees and the customers we serve.

Sustainability accomplishments

  • LED Lighting
  • Composting green waste
  • Recycling cardboard, paper, bottles & cans, styrofoam, batteries
  • Recycle all old electronic devices
  • We use kraft paper packaging and kraft paper bags
  • We purchase from local growers reducing our carbon footprint through transportation
  • We offer many recycled or sustainable use products for sale

Sustainability Goals

Recycling and Waste Reduction

  • Increase the number of recyclables from the current rate
  • Use paperless alternatives whenever possible (invoicing, statements, work flyers)
  • Use green-certified cleaning products
  • Compost food scraps
  • Use reusable dishware (eliminate single-use products)

We have set up recycle bins in several areas of the warehouse to make recycling easy. We have signed up with three local recyclers to maximize our recycling efforts. Click HERE to view details!


  • Offer incentives to bike or carpool to work


  • Set computers and monitors to go to sleep after 15-20 minutes automatically
  • Use occupancy sensors for lighting in storage, office, and restrooms


  • Eliminate the use of plastic water bottles in the workplace
  • Create a water catchment system for use in toilets and cleaning floors.
  • Create a Filtering system for reusing floral bucket water