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2nd Annual Floral Chopped Competition


Frank Adams presents...

The 2nd annual Floral Chopped Competition on October 5th 2018. This year’s teams are Mountain View high school, Woodland high school, Evergreen high school, Heritage high school, and Hudson’s Bay high school.

Each team consists of three student designers and a teacher captain. The teams will compete in three rounds of design:

The first round is “Christmas Fund Raiser”. Teams must design three arrangements of different sizes (or price points). Each team will be given a basket of “ingredients” that they MUST use and will also have access to the “Designers Table” with additional items they may incorporate into their design. The round will be 30 minutes. At the end of each round, teams will be judged by a panel of experts in the industry. One team will be eliminated in this round.

In round two, the theme is “Homecoming” again each remaining team will be given a basket of ingredients to create a King’s scepter, a Queen’s flower crown and a sash for each. This round is 40 minutes. Again, they will be judged on their creativity and two teams will be eliminated in this round.

In the final round, the theme is “What’s Trending-Instagram & Pinterest”. The designs in this round will be photographed for posting on Instagram and Pinterest. This round is 50 minutes. The judges will select a winner who will receive a trophy; each school will receive prize money to support their floral programs.

The judges for our program are:

  • Derek Woodruff AIFD, CFD, CF, PfCI
  • Erik Witcraft AIFD
  • Shirley Lyons AAF, PFCI

Our program would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors:

      • Accent Décor
      • Choice Flowers
      • Claus Tools
      • Design Master Paint
      • Equatorial Roses
      • Floral Design Institute
      • Mainland Floral
      • Oregon Flowers
      • Pacific Garland
      • Royal Flowers
      • Smithers Oasis
      • Syndicate Sales
      • Tradewinds International

This exciting competition is open for everyone to watch, please come by and cheer for your favorite team and future floral designers.