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Profits ... they determine success or failure in every business.

Every business owner should constantly be seeking ways to improve them.  Profits can be a slippery slope, managing the cost of goods, inventory, shrink or loss all play a role in determining the profit of a business large or small. 

The top seven Theories of Profit are a short list of what Profit is.

Rent Theory of Profit

Wage Theory of Profit

Risk Theory of Profit

The Dynamic Theory of Profit

Schumpeter’s Innovation Theory

Uncertainty Bearing Theory of Profit

Monopoly Theory of Profit

These are all captivating articles or theories but how does it apply to you? For me it’s the bottom line of the balance sheet, what is reported for taxes, the line that shareholders look at, and like every other business…there is always room for improvement.

Frank Adams is hosting Society of America Florist one day Profit Blast in October.  Its schedule is filled with a who’s who in the floral industry.

Derek Woodruff, AIFD, CFC, CF, PFCI of the Floral Underground kicks things off with Money Making Mechanics.  Time is money and he will show us how increase efficiencies and grow the bottom line.

Derrick Myers, CPA, CFP, PFCI follows with “Treasure Hunt” finding your hidden profits. He will teach us formulas and worksheets to improve your profits and the black holes of lost profits in every business.

After lunch Tim Huckabee who has visited roughly 6000 flower shops, training florist in the art of sales will present and detail the processes that will improve your shop’s customer satisfaction and lead to fatter profit margins.

To end the program speaker Crystal Vilkaitis, owner of Social Edge will show us the in’s & outs of social media. How to target Facebook ads with a high ROI, and why messenger bots will be a game changer in customer communication.  

So unless you just won the lottery and have a mountain of cash you haven’t even counted yet, I bet you and your business could benefit by attending this one day seminar on October 7thRegisteand start improving your Profit.

Scott Isensee

General Manager

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