A little bit Summer

Just when I thought I couldn’t be more in love with spring, with daffodils and narcissus, grape hyacinth and tulips…. Summer has peeked through just a little. Teasing with her cottage yarrow, novelty sunflowers, jasmine vine and grevelia flowers. Those romantic wedding hues of peaches, creams and champagnes make everyday seem a little warmer. My heart flutters as carts full of garden roses with names like Lovely Hearts, and Malaya Gem roll by my desk. Garlands of eucalyptus, rosemary and olive grace the sales tables and our noses. Huge boxes of tropical flowers filled with oncidium orchids and pincushion protea arrive from the airport. Hawaiian newspapers packed between the layers smelling of ginger and paradise. The sun greets us on the back dock as we load the vans with today’s deliveries. Local growers stop by with hydrangea and waggly dogs spilling out of their truck beds.

above~ Jung Houck of Pacific Garland hand curates all of our garlands.

Oregon Brides are fortunate to have such a rich selection of gifted floral artists and masterly niche flower farms to choose from. Just page through any edition of Oregon Bride Magazine to witness what nature and talent can create.

Summer brings more than warm weather and local flowers, it also generates a growing sense of respect for the dedication and hustle the members of our great industry so willingly put forth. More flowers, more business, more concentrated effort to match just the right rose to just the right ranunculus. It astounds me to see the care and mindfulness that goes into every order. From the florist to the grower, salesperson to delivery drivers, the floral industry is full of people who care abundantly about what they do. As I close this post the customers have gone back to their stores and studios for the day and I over hear the chatter on the sales floor….Are peonies still available? are the J. Bacon Farms chocolate sunflowers ready yet? What about sage? I put my customer’s order in a month ago, so I get first dibs.

So welcome Summer, and all the beautiful busy you bring!

Cut Flower Manager
Frank Adams Wholesale Florist